Thoughts for the special paper..

I brought raw wood paper from Fairy Meadows last year and wrote my own saying on it and sent it to my brother. He loved it. This time I brought Papyrus from Egypt and wrote a few thoughts on them and sent them to some of my family around the world. They really appreciated.

Now that all the dispatched pieces of paper have reached their destinations, I thought I’d share the lines I wrote to them here too:


Clean your window thoroughly, or the whole view of the world gets hazy…

and do not worry about how ever long it takes for you to clean it!


6 thoughts on “Thoughts for the special paper..

  1. raza says:

    Proud of you =) and this qoute is the crux of ‘everything’. In fact everything. The world out there remains the the same, it is our perspective that matters.

    • mirrormon says:

      yes….similarly i remember how baba jaan said that you won’t acheive cleanliness through sweeping and mopping floors… its our inside that needs cleaning of all the anger, envy, pride and regrets etc.

  2. Zayneb says:

    These thoughts have given me great comfort x

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