The divide!


Sometimes you see your life right before you… what you were and what you are now…and the reason for that comparison you never made before… and that certain divide, before which you are something else, which now you can’t claim to be… No matter how extricately you try to justify that marked divide, it refuses to coalesce. It stays!… and then in the end after all the tireless efforts you submit to it…you submit to the new blues of the sea… now this is you… there is no now there is no then… there is no comparison… this is you!


9 thoughts on “The divide!

  1. raza says:

    wow , brilliant =) , pleased to read your piece of writing after a gap of few month.

  2. Aamna says:

    i’m touched….i’ve felt this way too…such an eloquent piece of writing :)

  3. firstTimeReader says:

    This was the first time I read your blog. I started with this post and then went over various older posts.
    I am not sure but it appears to me as if something is stopping you from writing all that you wanted to – u seem to intentionally have made this post a little more vague that what u really wanted to.
    Taking motivation from your ‘perls from others’ section, i suggest: be what u are anyway.

    • mirrormon says:

      thank you so much for reading and for the beautiful piece of advice and encouragement… there are times when I am more courageous in writing and in the way I am living too… there are times when I am more private… I beleive I’ve come a long way in terms in opening up to my life and emotions…and for me there s definitely no better feeling than being completely free of any bounds and limitations…but I’d prefer to not force myself into anything…. and yes I m hopeful i’ll grow in courage with time:)

  4. anon says:

    samajh hi nai ayi

  5. Taiyebah says:

    beautifully penned :)

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