My EID :)

Its Eid tomorrow..everyone is busy with preparations for the celebrations. Chand raat (the night before the Eid on which the moon is sighted) is a festivity in itself. But for some reason I wasn’t excited. Anyway I went out with my sister to get gas filled in my car, in case it isn’t available tomorrow. My mother accompanied too. As opposed to routine, she didn’t carry her purse or cell phone..may be relied on us a little too much. I was in my night pjs and was least bothered about anything (my justification for not carrying any money:p) which by the way, is totally unlike me…but yes relying on my sister’s purse at any time of year is absolutely me. Nonetheless, she gave out some extra tip to the guy at the gas station, for eid. Right at our main gate, we decided to not enter home and go get bangles instead… Another deserving looking man there asked for money, and got his share. At the market, I wasn’t getting out of car, because a) I was really not bothered about anything, or may be too bothered about something, and b) was inappropriately dressed. But eventually I decided to follow tracks of my two companions, and found them buying bangles of beautiful colours. I couldn’t resist, so I bought some too, and instantaneously felt better and right in the mood…

Bangles of Eid

While we were paying, we saw a woman with fresh mehndi (henna) on her hands. My sister got really excited about that…but meanwhile we figured this was the last of money in her wallet. so, some bangles were dropped out.. and we went on our mehndi quest. Everyone was getting gorgeous designs made. My sister got it too…while I looked on…tempted but knew there’s nothing we can do..pretty much back into my not bothering about anything mood, when we had to leave. and my mother said you should get it too. Right, as if I can!.. and I am just leaving when everyone around started shouting for trying to leave without mehndi. The pathan selling clothes next to me said you have to get it, he wouldn’t let me leave, he’ll pay for me. A woman whose daughter was getting mehndi done, grabbed me and said she is paying and that I am not going without mehndi. and the guy stitching dupatta’s (scarves) actually paid the mehndi person immediately, and told me to pay him whenever I come around next time because he is always there… I wouldn’t want that, borrowing money from anyone..but I gave in eventually, because really nobody (including my mother and sister) would let me go.

Mehndi (Henna)

And suddenly people I knew and I didn’t know were so happy and smiling because I was getting mehndi on! That just made my day!.. When mehndi was being put on, my hands got sweaty, because of the sudden energetic activity around me and also because they usually are (shh.. embarrassed)… and the mehndi person told me that its a sign of wealth!…. given what just happened, we all laughed at the irony of that statement!

I am all excited about Eid now :)

Eid Mubarak!




4 thoughts on “My EID :)

  1. wajiha says:

    so cute !!…and so genuinely written from the heart!..i can imagine your excitement and your sweaty hands..haha!!…love!!

  2. Amina Agha says:

    eid mubarik! loved reading it and im glad you got mehndi done. when i come to lhr I’m gonna do it on your hands :D

    p.s. i still dont have your number!

  3. Hill says:

    HAHAHAH!!!! LOvely!!!..:D:D… you are lucky…everyone loves you…stay blessed, content and happy:*

  4. Yasmine says:

    =) what a lovely story of generosity flowing in from so many directions! i hope you had a beautiful Eid!

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