Karma? or is it just how friendship is?

A really good friend had been going through some problem for a while… couldn’t work up the courage to tell to some very important people… It’s something she couldn’t keep avoiding for life too, because some action had to be taken, and she had to initiate the process all by herself, hoping things may take a turn in her favor automatically,knowing they won’t. I know how hard it has been for her, taking it all alone..without any support by her side to confront all those who matter. On and off, she’d be sharing with me, and keep getting advice from me…but a few days earlier I refused to give in to her fears anymore, so I pushed her into it, outlining the whole plan, she agreed because she knew deep (and shallow) inside that this is the right thing…. right time, there never was!… So I kept texting over the weekend to keep her in the now-or-never ( and ‘never’ being not even an option) frame of mind that its time! and to give her all the support in my capacity… Turned out, she spoke up, and some heard, if not all, but she did initiate a process that could change things for her, she took life in her hands, and I am proud of her…

I received a thank you text today for the twentieth time since then..enough already woman, with my hero self smiling all the way…but this time she also said that this step meant more than just saying something, it meant courage which she thinks is beginning to develop now. Excited I  told her to just thank God, she needed help, HE sent it…where I am just glad I was a part of this process, He chose me to be of use, and that too to someone like her….  and why did I say someone like her? I thought about it immediately…and here s my little story.

I had always been into singing, alot of people around me would tell me I sang really good, out of whom, ofcourse family is to be ignored they exaggerate, friends, split into two categories: one, those who appreciated and said I sang great were always ignored because they…what?..  exaggerate…  good!… two, those who would make fun of my singing, for either my choice of songs, or the ability…they were the real friends, because they said what others couldn’t, they made me feel not-so-good-enough for a change, and without noticing got hold of my weak point,  to break free of what I needed courage…. some three years passed and I met a person who I could have those fun light positive chats with, and who one’d like to meet more often…so this new friend being a recognized musician at college, randomly not just encouraged me but pushed for the auditions of some classical singing event taking place…and I agreed because deep (and shallow) inside me I knew this is what I wanted, it was already senior year, I knew it was now or never (and ‘never’ not being an option ), I went for it…and I still remember the night of the event, the audience cheering and giving a round of applause for…me…my singing…WOW… you know whats WOW-er, the audience included all the people who once would make fun of my singing :)… that right there gave me a moment of realization: that I have to perform my bit in this world, that others are just an audience, ready to condemn at some point, ready to appreciate at another, but I have to do my bit, there is no running away.  And an even bigger realization that God  sends help through some people, who push you across your boundary of fear, and on the other side of that boundary courage is waiting to meet you.

Once, I was on this side of that boundary, and my friend pushed me…and now she was on this side…and I am so lucky that I lead someone like her on to that other side.

Would you call it karma? …. may be its just friendship!…What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Karma? or is it just how friendship is?

  1. niki says:

    She’s lucky to have you as a friend!

  2. raza says:

    You have put these experiences In words in a way that it keeps the reader profoundly absorbed. Lucky that you got her as a friend and lucky that she got you too. I wish everyone of us have such friends who push you to take the bull by horns and give strength In times when courage is needed the most.

    • mirrormon says:

      Thank you so much for the ever encouraging words :)… I believe nobody is ignored by God…we all do get HIS help through people in our times of need :)

  3. uam says:

    I read your blog regularly and every time you have posted something which many people feel but cant express so well as you have done. You have really captured the essence of a true friendship here and in addition if you have helped some one, a cycle will start and this deed will go a long way. Keep writing, waiting for the next article :)

  4. websurfer says:

    bright stuff this, thumbs up!

  5. Hill says:

    its always lovely reading you.. your expression is so strong that it gets instantly to your heart…. and i always think whenever i read you, you are lucky that you can express so well through writing.. i wish i could do that too sometime..and yes its karma, and God is right there in your heart, if you cannot listen to Him there, He conveys it through His people…So ur writeup is a proof now : you are a God’s cute little person called P***u ..love!!

  6. Sal says:

    Friendship ofcourse :) As the ages old saying goes.. a friend in need is a friend indeed..

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