Some Complain I don’t Share…

The most common complaint about me I’ve heard from people around me, among my friends, among family, among guys who showed interest in me, has always been that I don’t tell. I don’t share anything/ much / enough with them. Vexed, they’d be with it.

Ironic however is that, whenever I shared they didnt hear me out. Either they wouldnt hear it, or they wouldnt like what I told. Fact is they didnt want to hear what I told them. Its one of those instances when I’d realize I should listen to my heart…when I had it figured I can’t share with them, then why would I give in to their constant probing?

Now when I am thinking I realized anyone who really heard me when I shared has never complained about my not-talking-about-me behavior. Obviously why would they, I talked to them.  So may be its true then they didnt complain because I did talk to them. And those who complained, hell yes, they are so right, I don’t tell them…their complaints are bang on!!… I don’t share anything worth sharing with them!!

So may be good idea would be to stop asking me and stop complaining, thats definitely not going to make me talk.. may be we are different people, you like to talk about different things. I cannot connect with you because what I have to say is not agreeable with you…

I am glad I wrote this, more than anything, its meant to tell me something…make me understand that I truly don’t share with these people, their complaints are right… But sadly I am not going to  talk, just to please any of them, or make them feel connected to me…Not anymore..I ve erased it out of my job description as a person at free will… I do not make connections…atleast not anymore.

People have been extremely nice to me throughout, I thank them for that, and may be I’d do something else other than thanking them, like be nice in return or better yet pass a smile :)…you know what its all bull shit, knowing me,  if its ever in my capacity I’d do much more for people, but I am not going to talk, for them, and entertain them..

unless ofcourse, if any of those people read my posts and try finding out what all I am talking about these days :p

Time to learn…if I don’t talk to them then there is no point wasting any time, is there?…


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