They say take it easy

When I am asking too many questions, they say take life easy… sometimes its really annoying, because it hardly answers any questions….But the truth is that just the very thought of a life taken easy, it makes me happy, brings a smile on my lips… I feel its all easy, all okay …and I feel that hope inside me awaking from its long slumber… giving me a reason to smile.. to smile without a reason… the hope of happiness… the feeling of never been hurt…the hope of deriving happiness even from hurt …the hope of going beyond needing appreciation…of being above gaining sympathy, above asking for justice …of beyond giving justification for being what I am…hope of living a life that I want to live…of knowing how I want to live…knowing what I want to be… of not knowing and moving on and on without looking back….of freeing my soul of all the chains clutching, hindering its flight… hope of wanting to be what I truly am…. of letting me free… hope of wanting!..


2 thoughts on “They say take it easy

  1. raza says:

    Beautiful pictures and writing. Yes girl, free your soul of all the chains =D

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