Its amazing how you feel quite a few different things at the same time… they call it feelings, emotions, they call it life…amazing how you see a bit of black and a bit of white at the very same time…such opposites, both having their very own distinct characteristics; amazing how you see them together, blending. And you can’t seem to decide which part of what you see is more dominant, more powerful and having more effect on you…which part do you want to see…which part is actually true…and which is right for you to see…black or white.

Amazing how many times I’ve heard about those shades of grey, and I’ve called it feelings, emotions, and I’ve called it life…and amazing how I’ve always justified the presence of those shades ..and what convenience these shades have caused me in describing my mixed feelings at times, and in justifying my confused states at times..

But right now I am adamant to not see them.. its either black or white… I just want to know which one!


5 thoughts on “shades!

  1. hin says:

    wow… another real nice one..interseting how you can wrire all this.

  2. Ben Nelson says:

    Arise and shine for your light has come – Shine in the gross darkness – Let’s be the light and dispel as much of that darkness as you possibly can!
    This is a wonderful photo – and a great analogy – thanks!

  3. Raza says:

    Yet another beautifully written piece. It’s amazing how i can relate to your writings so seamlessly and feel as if I have experienced similar.

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