The Beggar..

I am sitting on a swing on a beautiful morning, surrounded by the green and the chirping, with a fresh breeze blowing over my face… There! I wouldn’t have asked for more.. I have been getting more and more comfortable with myself, which I believe is the hard part, and more at ease with the loner inside me… I started to crave for a little time and company with myself…just outside of the cheers surrounding me… And I am there now… its all perfect..

But here I am.. wanting something more.. I wouldn’t let this side have a conversation with me…because it tells me I want more…it keeps wanting more than I have…someone, something, the description of which is beyond my expression…

But I don’t want to hear this part of me calling out…crying out like a baby…urging for something… like a beggar.. with a lot of self respect and ego….because it won’t beg before others, neither would it like to ask of them… It’ll just push me into this agony…it’ll only beg me..beg me of something I don’t have…I can’t give it something that does not belong to me by any means..

And then I ask to be saved… saved from this fire that’s been burning forever… inside of me….i feel its my vices I am giving voice to… paying such respect and heed to.. They say this could be heaven and this could be your hell… They may just be right!


4 thoughts on “The Beggar..

  1. Zayneb says:

    Beautiful…I’ve also had to shut that voice “wanting more” up 😃

  2. parusbarbara says:

    Great post, sometimes crying like a baby is not urgly at all, in other words, after crying, you’ll get more courage and energy to cultivate your life again. I like the picture so much!

    • mirrormon says:

      Thank you so much, I found it off google images :p
      and yes u r right we need that kind of cleansing…the pressure and the flow rids us of the residuals, and we can start anew then
      thanks for reading :)

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