Its a time where wrong seems right, and right does not make sense anymore, right does not matter anymore. Its the time when the senses stop working..and right just does not make sense anymore.

What is right anyway? What I learnt from childhood? from textbooks? or what I learnt off the Holy Book? or what other taught me of what God said? What my mother told me? or that which I heard my father say? or siblings because they are older, they know better….But I dont see myself in any.

What a shame? that I haven’t thought about it. I’ve had plenty of time on my own, ever since teens passed.

Why do I not know what is and what is not? Why does all that I hear does not make sense anymore. Is it because they, which include many, are not right..or is it because I just got down to thinking.

What is that time that what my eyes make visible, I do not want to see and accept. What is this moment that what I hear is another story that is not what I see or I want to see.

Thats the problem with truth also. We are adamant to stick by it, as a rule.We don’t quite like it when we hear it. So we try seeking escape in our principles and morals that tell us what not to be said, so the truth remains beneath all.

The problem with truth is that I am not sure right now what it means. Is it what I feel or is it that which I must not feel.

If it is what I feel then I must say it.

I don’t like compulsions so I don’t want to use ‘must’ here, I am even having trouble with the should’s.. but then what to do in order to communicate!

Even if its not justified in any court of justice, it is how I feel, and it deserves to be given that weight. Its important to communicate my feelings. Not important to you or for a situation, its important to me.

And there is a problem that nobody else can communicate on my behalf, only I know how it feels because its is my feeling. and there is a problem, there is only one me, which is me…therefore, I have nobody left to feel and speak my feeling on my behalf. So, this whole circular argument might suggest that what I feel must be communicated.


4 thoughts on “Truth?

  1. websurfer says:

    Great! gets one to ponder about it.

  2. Raza says:

    Very well written and thought provoking.

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