A new dawn

There’ve been times in my life that I’ve felt I am not being myself…Each time I thought its the new me, and I’ve changed…somehow that kept me content through any stupidities that I would be making too…But the truth is I hadn’t changed a bit… I think we don’t change…We don’t keep the capacity to change… Even when one says i’ll change for you, its really not in their hands… You try, you succeed for sometime too, but the truth is you can’t just change into another being..

So I believe all those times I thought I’d changed, I actually hadn’t..Because nobody does!.. You just take the easier route…grieving at yourself for being the victim of circumstances… and blaming all that is not working out in your favour on either your past or your mental state. But the truth is you are actually having a great time being reckless and irresponsible. The truth is that you actually are a victim of laziness…and we all are, everyday!.. but that doesnt justify it. Just because some others do something bad, doesnt mean I am allowed too, or am I!

Even if you don’t regret all that you haven’t been able to do so far, there is still that one thing that we need to change… Not ourselves, but our attitudes. We are stronger than that laziness that comes in our way of improvement, stronger than irresponsibility and stronger than the wrong. We are going to use our talents and strengths everyday. We are going to stand on our feet. We’ll stop waiting for others to push us around, or even provide us a little bit of ¬†support everyday. Our lives are not to be wasted. We are not to be wasted. We are stronger than anything lying out there. We are not waiting to hear anyone’s orders anymore.

We have got to use our bodies to the fullest, and at our very will, before they paralize on us and stop functioning!


Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Lake Saif-ul-Malook is a little further from Naran, in the beautiful Kaghan Valley, in the North of Pakistan.
The reflection of the tall mountains around, in the lake water is absolutely breath-taking. There are certain mysteries that are associated with this lake. The depth of this lake have not been identified yet, due to reasons unknown. Also there are constant ripples forming in the lake, throughout the area that it covers, not because of dew or rain or anything outside. It looks as if the ripples keep forming from within, as if there is an internal source to it.
The lake is of great mystical value to the Saints and sufis of various times. This lake been of mention in mystical poems and narrations too, due to its utter beauty and mythical folk-lores that people relate with it.