The thing with us humans is that we observe, we learn and adapt, sometimes we learn quickly. Sometimes we learn really deep, as if the lesson that we have learnt is coming from deep within. But we see quite often that what we have just learnt, we had realized the same lesson exactly as much from within once, twice, or many a times before too.

The problem is neither with the lesson, nor with the intensity of it..the problem is not even with us…its just that the thing with us people is that we need constant reminders. Reminders about what we must do, about what we learnt and more importantly, why?

Who would know about the nature of us human beings more than the Entity Who created us. That is probably why we see so many reminders and repetitions of a single message in our Holy Book that was sent down for all mankind, for all times to come.

The next time I’ll forget a lesson, and retell it to myself some days, months or years later, I’ll probably not worry that much about forgetting it again, and more importantly about have forgotten it, and having to go through so much trouble of learning it all over again. Because then I’d know I am a human, I make mistakes, I learn lessons, of which some I sustain, but I forget the others… because I am meant to forget. May be only partially. But this time I’d know that I needed a reminder. And I would know that I’d need many more reminders, may be from different angles, but they’ll be reminders to the very same lesson that I’d once learnt already!.. But this time I won’t worry!!


One thought on “Reminders!

  1. sal says:

    Good to rely on reminders as long as you don’t let yourself wander so far that a reminder could no longer reach.

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