the other side of the wall

whats behind that wall, I am very curious to find out…Worse even, I am even unclear on what exactly is going on this side…I do see everything, even the shadows, I get some of it, but its hazy… In a case like mine, I don’t know what benefit it would give me to know whats on the other side of the wall..I don’t know what difference it would make to my understanding of this side once I am aware of whats on the other side. But the truth is I want to know..even more honest would be that I am desperate to find out… May be not that desperate yet that I start deconstructing the wall, and try to make an opening for myself. I am not even sure if I really want to go on the other side. More importantly I know that I don’t want to be seen on the other end. But I really wana know… Do I want someone from the other side, some stranger to come and give me news?… I don’t know and I don’t know for how long will I not know, but I want to know… So I’ll wait, doing my bit, on this side, blinded!, but trusting God, that He will answer my questions…trusting that He will not leave me empty-handed, that He will guide me like He always has!..So I ‘ll just wait…show some patience, and I’ll just wait to know…and something very strongly tells me that I will know!.



3 thoughts on “the other side of the wall

  1. websurfer says:

    Quite interesting and well written!
    Me thinks its human to be curious about worlds you want to explore!
    Yes maybe patience will give a person just the right view of the other side at just the right time.

  2. Zayneb says:

    I say jump in & find out …god will still be with you, waiting is not always the solution, or is it?!

  3. mirrormon says:

    definitely not always… but sometimes weighing your choices tells you that intervention could hurt/damage hugely, and still not change the scenario…while waiting it out is still not gna change anything, but its not even gna cost!!..
    when the case is not such, then I guess one should let action take its chances!

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