My World!

We usually think of this world through its physical appearance…this Earth or the universe..or the galaxy..not exactly sure what is that extent to which the physical world prevails. But when you go beyond the physical bit, I think its our perspective that makes our world around us. How we view anything and everything, from living things to non living, from relationships to property, from money to love, from emotions to all the material existences out there supporting our comfort, from luxury to habits. Its our view and insight about these things and many more to everything that we see or feel around us that makes our world.

Imagine what meeting each new person in our life does to us,  imagine to what extent our worlds grow when meeting and knowing and opening up to new people… Giving them a peep into one’s own perspective. Listening to their stories and coming across so many different views, giving us the chance to broaden our world. We see our own views transforming, changing shape, growing in size!

Imagine what reading does to us…we read a narrative, we read about one’s life from someone else’s perspective…we read and add more perspectives in own world…

A learning that can’t be unlearnt!

An expansion of our universe to new horizons!

Building of new perspectives!…..   Formation of our real world!


7 thoughts on “My World!

  1. Zayneb says:

    There should be a like/love it button on these blogs!

  2. hill says:

    Beautifully written, rich content with very strong expressions.. As if u are trying to take essence of all ur experiences of ur life and of others…keep writing!

  3. Raza says:

    So true., its the perspectives that make world around us. Totally agree with your beautifully written article. There is always a smile of appreciation while reading your blog.

  4. Raza says:

    I wrote a poem today about the ‘black box’ which is human mind.
    might interest you =)

    • mirrormon says:

      Thank you all for appreciating :)
      And I read “black box”, its beautiful…the human mind dsnt seize to amaze :)… however I am unable to comment on the blog :s

  5. Tayyaba says:

    well-said :)

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