going in circles

A questions arises in my head, are we comfortable with our own selves? Are we comfortable with just knowing what we go through each day? Or are we always looking? for that one, two, or many who will understand this feeling..so we can share.

Sometimes I see myself looking for those who will be able to understand.. Sometimes I see myself trying to make people see it…see what this moment is doing to me… for them to see the comfort, the happiness, the pain that I had felt earlier today when they werent there… Sometimes I see myself trying to earn that soft corner of their hearts for me…A little sympathy from their end doesnt seem to hurt my ego at all..it gives me an unpleasant pleasure instead. And again I see myself telling them what all had happened while they were gone, as if that’ll change anything… as if that’ll erase whats history, as if they’ll be able to feel what I felt, as if that’ll change me, as if that’ll take away the sorrow, as if there were any sorrows, as if there were any tears which I wished for them to wipe…. and then I keep going in circles… what for? I fail to comprehend… I fail to unfold the sheets of thought…I fail to untie all the knots…as if my confessions sorted it out for me…

They say when you share your happiness they multiply, and when you share your sorrow they multiply too… I am not sure if I feel any light keeping them in…I don’t think I felt any better letting them out… I don’t know if I got any answer..the only thing it did was to make me know clearly what I thought and what I felt… There is more to it I know, which I haven’t explored, but I think I will come to know


5 thoughts on “going in circles

  1. Zayneb says:

    Sometimes things are so complicated, even though they appear simple.

    Sometimes we just need to stop thinking about the same thing…in circles & just trust it’s all for the best, whatever it is.

    Whatever is meant to be NEVER passes you by

    Beautifully written San ;)

  2. hill says:

    Wowww! This was soo beautiful!!!

  3. mirrormon says:

    Didnt think anyone would find this one beautiful… thanks alot!!!

  4. Sal says:

    for our own regrets.. we are always kind of trying to justify our lives or the way we are living them in front of others.. thinking ours is the worst.. and everyone else is doing better.. but actually everyone’s looking at us the same way.. i feel one’s sorrows are not meant to be shared with other fellow human beings.. we need to share them with Allah Ta’ala.. and then I assure u they will divide and divide and not multiply!

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