I cut my wings when I heard I am Good!

Why does it feel so good to hear someone praise you…its one of the more common things that we feel..may be that instant ego boost!

You might have experienced someone praising you, someone utterly confident in his/her own self. Someone whose personality you feel overshadows many others’… That someone acknowledging you, appreciating your qualities, to an extent that before realizing you start depending on them….waiting for them to look at you..to be nice to you..waiting anxiously to be treated in a particular fashion by them; which if done, may still leave you unsatisfied in the end…depending on them to make you feel wanted..feel special…make you feel better…better than what?better than when? better than when they never admired you or never recognized your qualities!… I think, No!… better than when they saw you and appreciated to the extent that they overpowered you…and you kept leaving open little rooms of exploitation for them.

Its not to judge them. No.. They may very well not have meant to overpower or manipulate. Actually, thats not even the point…

The point is that we get overwhelmed!..to the extent that we become vulnerable.. to that desire that lights in us…to the anxiousness of wanting to get noticed, to just become the center of that one glance that you think makes you ‘you’ now, that you think makes you happy, satisfies you, soothes the pain inside.

And then…

In our utmost effort of being given that slightest amount of eye and attention, again and again, we try doing as they do, talking as they do…trying to be what they want us to be…being what they want us to be…

What is it?

I would say its not them…its us!.. its us who’ve managed to chain our feet so intricately that just the very thought of getting out of them is so tiring..We’ve cut our own wings so closely that we start believing we never had any..that we never used to fly..and even if we did, we don’t like to anymore..Why?.. its that point we don’t really give any importance to why not!

In our attempt to find peace, peace from our praises, peace in ourselves, we threw away the most precious thing, our self-esteem, our freedom, our true peace, we gave away ourselves!!.


3 thoughts on “I cut my wings when I heard I am Good!

  1. Raza says:

    =) true and we start living someone else’s life.
    So brilliantly put all those human emotions in one piece. WOW =)

  2. Zayneb says:

    Complicated & deep – in a good way!

  3. Sal says:

    i think i can relate to this piece of writing the most.. remember how i told u im living a conformist life.. trying to keep everyone pleased at all times.. have lost the will to ever figure out my own self or what i think!

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