HE Hears!

He Listens..to the prayers..to the murmurs..to all of us……To all of us!

Some say pass me in exams, and HE Hears…some say get me married to this person I’ve been love with forever, and HE Hears…some cry for the life of their mother, or child, and He Hears it…HE Grants it or not, but HE Hears….Hears me when I pray to HIM. Hears me when there are no words uttered from my mouth, Hears me when theres no one left around me, to hear me. Hears me when my thoughts are not even formed. Hears me before my pen even starts to scribble.

Let alone all other of HIS attributes, just the fact that HE Hears.. is grand..and awe-inspiring.

HE Hears and Listens…to the cries and to the laughters of my fellow men, HE Hears the coo-ing, and the moo-ing of my fellow living beings. HE Hears the whistling cries of the insects at night. HE Hears those plants that no one could hear. HE Hears!

When I look around me and hear people, I wonder how many lives, how many problems HE Solves every minute. That Being Who is the Creator of all the problems, the Creator of all the solutions, the Creator of love. What an emotion, feeling, spirit it is that HE Created. He, the Creator of faith. Oh, how I want to know more about HIM. When I look around, I am lost in the beauty of HIS Creation. How Beautiful a Being must HE Be!!.. How True an Existence must HE Be..that Creator of truth!.. How Creative that Creator must be!

That Creator of all qualities. The Creator of all abilities. The Creator of Hearing!.. What an Audience must HE Be?..

Just the very fact that HE Hears me gives me peace. HE Hears!!… The Creator of peace… HE Hears!

And I just heard somewhere in my heart that HE heard me..and HE just heard all that I wrote. HE just heard all that I explained, and all that I failed to explain with my limited words…and HE just heard all that is in my heart…in that part of my heart where even I can’t dive… He just Heard! .. :)


6 thoughts on “HE Hears!

  1. websurfer says:


  2. Raza says:

    How Creative that Creator must be!
    This Beautiful. The whole piece from start to the end. Indeed, He hears. So true, he grants or not, He hears.Before even we can express ourselves.

  3. Zayneb says:

    Fabulous, so beautiful said! Sitting at the beach, reading this, his beauty is all around and he is listening! Keep writing!

  4. Sal says:

    Yes HE is Sami-ul-Baseer.. He hears it all.. He sees it all.. More often than our wishes our fulfilled before they even come to our lips.. And that is the reinforcement.. the energy.. the drive that strengthens our faith and keeps us praying :)

  5. Sal says:

    more often than not*

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