Today :)

I know that I should make an impression, try looking good in people’s books,

but today I don’t care!

I know I’ve done many mistakes, many blunders, some intentionally, sometimes unintentionally,

of which some I might regret, some I forgive myself for, some I seek forgiveness for,

but today I don’t care!

I know I should try seeking forgivess of those I’ve hurt, and there’d be many!

Some forgive me, its nice of them, I take it as a favour they’ve done upon me, but even if they don’t, today I don’t care!

I know there have been and there will be many things that cause/d me harm,

and harm is as I perceive it to be….. some caused me pain, but today I don’t care!!

I know there are people who I don’t like, people who haven’t been nice..people who have been nice, but I still don’t like…

people who scheme against people

I know some should apologize before I forgive them, but I forgive them anyway, because today I really don’t care!

Does that make me any better or any worse, I think today I won’t care.

I wish I could be like that any given day…oblivious to the expectations of those who matter, ignorant of my duties towards anyone…

open about my fears….

lively to the extent that I surpass all my fears…

If I am like this tomorrow or not was of concern to a person that I was yesterday…

I look forward to the next day, but about what I will be then and what happens then, today I don’t care!!



One thought on “Today :)

  1. hill says:

    beautifully written!!

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