That Narrow Walkway!

Sometimes, in our attemmpt to balance ourselves on those thin walkways we are so focused on not falling that we constantly keep looking down, at the path and at our feet, trying to place them just right, so we keep walking without stumbling… In our attempt to do so we don’t realize we are not looking up, not looking ahead…we are so focused on placing our steps right that we completely forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery.We don’t look up to see what lies ahead.

Whats more important? Not falling or looking around?…staying cautious or living it up?.. I havent made up my mind yet.

But I worry what lies ahead of us right now, whats around us may not be there when we are done with our right placement. The beautiful sight may be gone, once we look up, to see which we might have to wait alot and that too with the uncertainty of whether it’ll show again or not.

I cant’ decide what’ll hurt me more, the pain from tripping off the narrow path or the regret from missing out what was once within reach and is not approachable anymore… what I know is that there is a trade-off between the two… both are mutually exclusive as a certain few might say…

But we’ll have to prioritize. What i know is that the physical pain from falling off may be piercing or even irrecoverable ….may be…may be we get lucky and we stand up again without a scratch…but what I know is that regrets don’t go easy.. what I know is that regrets of  missing out are no fun to live with… what I’ve known is that waiting for such an opportunity to come back into one’s life takes alot of patience.. and I know that patience is hard to gather..

What I know is that I’ll have to make a choice at one time or another..

The situation everyday may be different.. but what I know is that I’ll have to chose between falling off and living…what I know is that I’ll have to try my luck!

Because I know, if after paying so much attention to my footwork, while leaving behind every possible moment around me, if I still trip, it’ll hurt… and I know it’ll hurt way more…

I know I’ll have to chose :)


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