Can’t Thank YOU Enough!

I’ve got one life, its very short, could be long, only if I chose to prolong the suffering today! I gotta let go! Make the most out of this one life thats been given to me. And Really!! thats all that I have that matters!!!

I can’t thank HIM enough for giving me some of those experiences that make me me today. Some that were liberating in ways unimaginable. I wish I could have the words to describe only some of the realizations that have dawned on me. In my case, I know there are and there will be lessons that I am and will be drawing solely from this one for many many of my days to come. Its excititng in a way!

Sometimes we go a step back by a grief thats been caused by a loss. I am glad there are people around me who can see the little glitter of light even in pitch dark, who can feel the slight tinge of pleasure in what new has been bestowed upon them even in their utter feeling of sorrow!

I am thankful I was born to a mother who was different from others in many many ways. Ways that majority can not appreciate as odd. I am glad I am like her in alot of ways, not because it makes me a better or a more special person, which neither of us are, but because if I weren’t like that I would have been deprived of the vision that sees and understands the sublte beauty in her way of doing good that many can not see!!

I am glad that I was brought down in these circumstances that define what I am!…And ofcourse we are all defined by our circumstances, as many put it. But for a lack of better expression, I am glad that I received this life in my circumstances, and not in anyone else’s. I am siblings to my sister and brother. This world would ‘ve made a different sense to me, I am glad today it makes this sense to me that it does!…

I thank YOU for giving me a chance!!


One thought on “Can’t Thank YOU Enough!

  1. hill says:

    :) beautiful!!!…..positivity certainly is a bliss

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